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Installing New Windows: New Types & Their Benefits

Long Island Replacement WindowsAround the start of a new year, the colder winter weather is when many of us homeowners start to become aware of the draftiness and inadequacy of our old windows. Many homeowners take this as evidence that it might be time to start looking at replacement window options. You are confronted with the decision of whether you are looking for a replacement of the same kind, or if you would like to take this opportunity to try something new.

Most replacement windows are designed to fit the existing opening of your old windows, and are mostly used by homeowner who are looking to replace their older, poorer quality windows without disturbing the trim or frame. New windows, however, can bring new life into the exterior of your home by changing the dimensions of the opening or incorporating new styles and shapes. If you decide that you would like to try something new with your home's windows, the next decision to make is what style or type you are going to go with. To help with that decision, we have put together a short list of the four most popular types.

Single & Double Hung Windows

These commonly chosen new windows are composed of two separate frames, called sashes, and each of them contains a glass pane. If both sashes move up and down, the window is a double-hung variety, and if only the bottom sash can be moved, it is a single-hung window. A double-hung window will give you more ventilation than a single, and are also a safer alternative for homes with children as you can open the top sash and leave the bottom one permanently closed, giving you a way to get fresh air in your home without exposing your young children to risk.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are typically composed of a large framed pane, most often taller than it is wide, and hinged along one side. This window swings open like a door, and is controlled by a small hand crank, lever, or similar mechanism. Casement windows are a popular option among homeowners who are looking for much taller windows, even going as far as floor-to-ceiling. These windows also admit more light and air into your home since there are no horizontal interruptions.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are an interesting window type that are usually hinged at the top of the window, allowing them to be opened by tilting out from the bottom. This kind of design lets you effectively create an awning that will let you leave them open even during rainy weather. This design also happens to lend itself quite well to better sealing against air and moisture from outside. Because of this, awning windows are particularly popular in wetter environments.

Slider Windows

Slider windows, also known as gliders, have no springs, pulleys, or other mechanisms for opening or closing them, making them very low maintenance, and cost effective. With slider windows, you just release a latch and slide the window open. Slider windows offer many of the same advantages of casement windows, but open from side to side, giving you an effective solution if you have limits space to open an outside window. They are also lightweight, allowing you to easily open and close them with very little effort. Contact your professional Long Island Restoration Contractor at Accessible Remodeling today!

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